Rebirth of the KKK

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The Red Scare

  • Reds are communist, socialist, and are to the far left of the political spectrum
  • The Red Scare took place from 1918-1920
  • The Reds were European immigrants
  • Radical Reds mailed out bombs to several important political figures including Attorney General Mitchell Palmer
  • Palmer later led the “Palmer Raids”
  • The Palmer Raids led to the unconstitutional deportation of almost 600 immigrants
  • Many of the 600 immigrants were not given lawyers at their deportation trails
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Positive Effects on Immigration

  • If you didn’t support immigration in the early twentieth century and had racist tendencies, you may have considered the KKK and the Red Scare as a positive impact on immigration

Negative Effects on Immigration

  • The KKK did what ever they could in their power to instill fear into US immigrants
  • The KKK sometimes used violence to scare and intimidate immigrants
  • KKK tactics might have scared some immigrants from coming to the US
  • Palmer racially profiled many immigrants and unconstitutionally deported about 600 immigrants
  • US Government treatment of some immigrants may have kept some people from moving to the US
  • The KKK and the Palmer raids made the United States' government and citizens of the United States look poorly to the rest of world

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